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The North Star Chapter of Minnesota is an organization dedicated to the preservation of the Germans from Russia Heritage. The Germans from Russia are a unique people who emigrated from South Russia to the United States and Canada in the later part of the 19th Century. They settled in areas from Oklahoma to North Dakota in the United States and also emigrated to Saskatchewan and Alberta in Canada. More information is available through the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia and the Germans from Russia Heritage Society. Links to each societies website can be found elsewhere in this website. Much history including wars and oppression by the government that followed Catherine and turmoil within Russia is what lead up to many emigrating to North and South America. Those in North America settled from Kansas to North Dakota and also into Colorado but you will find descendants of Germans from Russia in other states including Ohio, Wisconsin, Washington and California. Others did stay in Russia and it is estimated that perhaps two million of German ethnic origin remain in the former USSR today. Our 40 year timeline.



The chapter, like it's national societies,  invites you to join us and experience an event.  It will give you the opportunity to see for yourself and make your own decision about us as a chapter.  It would be great to have you join us.    



Advantages of Membership

Why would it be good to be a member?  As a member of one of the two national societies, you will be exposed to information that isn't always available by the web and you will have the opportunity to meet other members who have experience and can mentor you in your genealogical or historical endeavor.  

The North Star Chapter offers local connections and information.  We have a library which is an aid in research.  We also frequently have speakers and other events in which you can participate.

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